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Scheduled Maintenance & Repairs

Our team works with a robust work order system. We are able to schedule & track any maintenance or repair item, with over 30 local & trusted service providers. We have a long-standing & strong rapport with plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, yard maintenance, cleaning & handyman services. Our service providers make our work orders top priority to resolve issues quickly, preventing loss of rental income.


24/7 Emergency Availability

Things can go wrong at any time. Our team is available 24/7 to take care of emergencies.


Monthly Statements & Owner Payments

Owner payments along with detailed monthly reporting to keep you in the know.


Local, State & Federal Tax Requirements

Our teams got you covered with all the reporting for your state & local tax. We also collect & pay local transient occupancy tax.

Consistent Personal Service

Yosemite Region Resorts has been providing property management services for nearly four decades; founded in 1980. We have the largest local, on-the-ground team. We offer a full spectrum service, from local to global marketing, lead management, reservation management, guest communications, check-in, check-out, housekeeping management and work order management. We’ve got you covered! You will not find a more caring & dedicated team. You are not just a number to us. Everyone on our team will know you & your home. We offer local personal service that cannot be duplicated by a large out of state corporation. We have the same global reach as any other management company, plus amazing robust tools & systems that you would expect from a much larger company.

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100% Local Full Service Property Management

We are a small local independent business, supporting local business and community. We are the only 100% local, full service property management company in Groveland. Everyone on our team lives locally; most are property owners in Pine Mountain Lake. We are dedicated to building the local economy. We are dedicated to the multiplier effect concept. Because all of our team members are local and spend their dollars here, we are in turn re-circulating monies within the local economy, supporting our community, neighbors & friends. Money stays here in our beautiful town, not being sent out of state to support other communities.

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Owner Testimonials

SUPER VACATIONS with Yosemite Region Resorts! You can trust your 5-star get-away vacation with YRR; no disappointments or poor quality as you sometimes get with private VRBO’s. Sharron, Ryan, and the other office staff are very helpful and can describe the houses well, so the guests can find exactly what they are looking for. The owners Rob and Tara are dedicated to having the best rental company in the county. We have rented out our vacation home with YRR for 8 years with great results. They keep it spotless and perfectly maintained. Our home gets very high ratings from guests and some come back to it repeatedly. Avoid that “You never know what you are going to get” house, and trust Yosemite Region Resorts.

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R.A. Moore

YRR is a very professional team. They are very helpful and responsive to our needs and concerns. Everyone who works in the YRR office is experienced and understands the vacation rental business well. During the slow time of the season, they are always creative to help increase rentals. We are now going on our 5th summer of renting out our lake house with YRR. We greatly appreciate their helpful service!

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Craig & Marianne Hochhaus

April 2, 2019

We purchased our lakefront vacation home through Rob in 2010. The process began with an initial phone call where Rob provided a great deal of time, expertise, and insight in helping us understand the local real estate market. We then rented a home through their vacation rental service, Yosemite Region Resorts, for a weekend. Our goal was to enjoy a few days of R&R at Pine Mountain Lake and also spend some time looking at homes with Rob. Rob listened very carefully and prepared us for a quality stay in a great property as well as provided a comprehensive list of properties focused on our specific interests. When we made some last minute changes Rob quickly adjusted his plan to meet our needs. We found the perfect home and Rob was a fantastic asset in helping us navigate all aspects of the transaction and stuck with us at every step despite the lender dragging out the process into a 90 day ordeal. We are delighted with our new vacation home and enthusiastically recommend Rob and the crew at Yosemite Region Resorts. Rob manages our vacation rental through Yosemite Region Resorts and we couldn't have asked for a better, more professional partner. We are extremely happy with the marketing, management, services and the integrity of the entire team. Both we and our renters benefit from the professional services provided by Rob and his team.

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Jim Kelleher

February 9, 2012

I chose YRR to manage my rental home because of their excellent customer service and years of experience in property management. I am very pleased with how they take care of my home and ensure that it is in perfect condition for renters. My house has gotten lots of great reviews that always mention how clean and nice the house was when they arrived. If I have any concerns they are very responsive and do whatever is needed to solve the problem. I highly recommend YRR.

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Joan Klein

April 1, 2019

Having Yosemite Region Resorts manage Sunshine Cabin puts my mind at ease, knowing everything is priority to them. Their attention to every detail assure the guest will have an amazing time and will be back year after year.

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Susi Lysak

April 1, 2019

I would like to offer a perspective from an owner's point of view about the services that YRR provides with our vacation rental, Souzaville. Please understand that our home at PML was exclusively for our use as we live and work in the Bay Area. It became a financial consideration to reluctantly put our home into a vacation rental program. It was difficult to remove all of our personal effects from the home to the point that when we go up there now, we feel much as our vacation guests must feel. There are certainly other reviews here commenting about other properties that are not well cared for but that is not the case with our home. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible when they visit in a wholesome, comfortable environment. We have taken care to decorate and maintain this home in the best manner possible. YRR has high standards for the type of properties that they offer - we try to meet those standards every manner possible. We selected YRR to represent us for the thoroughness of their service. Rob, Tara and are great managers. Make no mistake that their rental policies are complete and detailed. Their security deposit program and the linen rental program are unique. Their website is easy to use for reservations, the cleaning service is fantastic , the renumeration and detail accounting is spot on and they always are helpful and responsive. And, they handle ALL guest issues promptly without bothering the owner. They provide a wonderful service to property owners as well as our guests. I have come to know many property management services in my 35 years in the real estate business - none more accomplished and professional as Yosemite Region Resorts.

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Gib Souza

February 13, 2013

I cant say enough positive about my experience with Tara, Rob and the whole team over at Yosemite Region Resorts. From the perspective of a home owner; I was immediately impressed upon interviewing them to represent our property. YRR was in fact the third company we interviewed to manage our vacation rental (Serendipity) and we are so happy that we had the opportunity to work with them. Not only was the staff friendly and informative. I found that their systems for setting up and maintaining homeowner properties straight forward and intact; All my questions and concerns were answered and validated, options were presented to me in regards to how I wanted our home presented and cared for. YRR's team put a strong emphasis on making me comfortable as a Homeowner. Our home and the property surrounding our home was maintained beautifully throughout the season. I couldn't be more happy! In all, I found their general disposition consistent and welcoming. Their service highly competent and reliable. Their commitment to their clients; Homeowners and Guests impeccable... I felt as though YRR as a whole; their staff: maintenance, reception and house keeping were at the top of the game. Kudos to YRR - A job well done!

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Samantha Eldiwitw

January 28, 2011